Cynthia Ostberg

Cynthia Ostberg

Room 138
Wendell Phillips Center
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PhD, Northern Illinois University, 1995

MA, Northern Illinois University, 1991

BA, University of California, Berkeley, 1985

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Teaching Interests

Dr. Ostberg enjoys teaching pre-law student because she believes that it is possible and important to prepare students for the rigors law school so they can excel and thrive once they get there. She offers stimulating courses in Constitutional and Criminal law that are designed to get students thinking creatively, hone their analytic reasoning and writing skills, develop well reasoned arguments, and have some fun in the classroom. She also encourages students to participate in legal internships and provides opportunities for them to interact with judges, and attorneys in the Stockton community so students have a better understanding of the practice of law and sense of possible legal career paths they might want to pursue.

Research Focus

Over the last 15 years, she has done extensive research systematically exploring judicial behavior on the Canadian Supreme Court, and has published numerous articles and books addressing such topics as court citation patterns, freshman effects, attitudinal conflict on the Canadian Court, gender effects, and leadership styles. Her most recent publication is a book she co-authored with three other scholars titled Law, Ideology, and Collegiality: Judicial Behavior in the Supreme Court of Canada.