Peg Ciccolella

Peg Ciccolella

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JD, Humphreys College of Law, 1993

EdD, Exercise Physiology/Health Sciences, Brigham Young University, 1978

MS, Exercise Physiology/Health Sciences, Brigham Young University, 1972

BA, French, University of Colorado, 1970

Teaching Interests

I approach teaching with a belief that active participation by students is central to learning. Every class that I teach integrates experiential opportunities to connect theory and practice. I urge students to think critically about the material they are learning, to enjoy the process, and to consider the future roles they may assume in a rapidly changing world.

I have two primary goals in the classroom:

1. Prepare every student to excel in a domain that is relevant to 21st century employment.  Relevance and excellence are both vital to success; standing alone, neither suffices.

2. Teach social responsibility.  The bright, disciplined, and ambitious student has a clear challenge and choice about accepting or making change.  The decision early in life to take leadership roles in service to others is a basis on which productive, positive, and meaningful social change can occur.

These two goals are inexorably linked. It is the ability and willingness of the student to do the hard work of integration and analysis that elicits growth and creates change.  Students who learn to do this and who are committed to the well being of those around them are likely to make a positive difference in their professions and communities.  I see it as my job to guide them in this direction and to help facilitate their success.

Research Focus

Health and biomedical law