A sample three-year template for the BA degree in English follows. This proposed schedule is based on several assumptions:

  • that the proposal to require seven G.E. breadth courses (rather than the previous nine) is in effect
  • that the student will need to take courses that meet the second language requirement
  • that the diversity requirement will be met by a GE course or a course in the major
  • that the student will fulfill two GE breadth requirements with courses that also count for the English major
  • that the student enters Pacific with at least 14 units of college credit OR is able to take 14 units during summer school. These units may be met with scores of 4 and higher on AP exams, 5 or higher from IB exams, or a grade of C- or higher from a community college or university course. If the student does not come in with college credit, she can earn these 14 units in summer school sessions.

For simplicity’s sake, the five remaining GE breadth course slots are listed in the schedule below as GE 1-5. We recommend that GE elective slots be filled by courses meeting a second major, minor, or experiential learning. We also encourage students to participate in undergraduate research (ENGL 197) and/or an internship (ENGL 187). Work conducted in ENGL 197.

For those interested in nomination to Phi Beta Kappa, a second year of a second language and a pre-calculus math course are required.

For those interested in earning an honors designation in the major, one additional upper-division elective or undergraduate research project is required, as well as a minimum GPA of 3.75 in the major.


Fall 1 (17 units) Spring 1 (17 units)
ENGL 11 ENGL 43, 53, or 63
ENGL 25/CORE 2 or 41 GE 2
GE 1 Language 2
Language 1 ACTY

Fall 2 (18 units) Spring (18 units)
ENGL 41, 51, or elective ENGL 82, 182, or 127
ENGL elective ENGL 43, 53, or 63
GE 3 or Language 3 GE 4 or Language 4
ENGL 125 or ENGL elective ENGL 127 or ENGL elective

Fall 3 (18 units) Spring 3 (18 units)
ENGL elective ENGL elective
ENGL 109 or elective ENGL 106 or electiv
GE 5 Elective/minor or majo
Elective/minor or major Elective/minor or majo