A Minor in Graphic Design can be achieved by completing 21/22 units of study and seven classes.

Communication majors must complete lower core of Communication classes before initiating Graphic Design Minor sequence.

  • 3 ARTS 7 2-D Design & Color
  • SP 3 ARTS 75 Graphic Design I
  • FA 3 ARTS 77 Graphic Design II
  • FA 3 ARTS 79 Typography
  • SP 3 ARTS 91 Computer Graphics I: Print-Based Media


  • FA 3 ARTS 95 Computer Graphics II: Time-Based Media
  • SP 4 ARTS 101 Graphic Design History


  • SP 3 ARTS 103 Graphic Design Production
    18/19 units

Plus one from the following:

  • 3 ARTS 45 Digital Photography
  • 3 ARTS 141 Photo II
  • SP 3 ARTS 162 Graphic Design III
  • FA 3 ARTS 173 Graphic Design Seminar (with faculty permission)
  • SP 3 ARTS 161 Web Design
    total units 21/22

A minimum of 12 units from the Minor course of study must be completed at Pacific.

Instructions for Declaring a Minor Degree in Graphic Design:

  • Arrange for a faculty Advisor to plan your Minor objectives. The Department Art, Media, Performance and Design encourages students to select a faculty adviser within your discipline-specific interest.
  • File a Declaration of Minor Form with the College of the Pacific Dean's Office as soon as your course work is planned and signatures are secured.
  • Any changes in course work for a Minor in Graphic Design must be re-approved by Major and Minor Degree Faculty Advisers and the Minor Department Chair.
  • When Minor degree requirements are completed, or the last courses required are in progress, consult with your major and minor advisors to check the accuracy of your advisors‚Äô records, and before the application for graduation is filed.

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