Creating Digital Storytellers for the Future

Media X encourages students to choose from a variety of curricular paths, enabling them to develop more nuanced concentrations in digital art and design, animation and visual effects, computer programming, sound engineering, film, television, transmedia storytelling, social media and marketing, digital humanities, and creative entrepreneurship.  

The Major

Media X integrates the analysis, performance, production, marketing, and management of traditional, digital, and emerging media. Our diverse curricular offerings and concentrations prepare students for a dynamic workplace where agile thinkers and broad skill sets are rewarded.

The Experience

In collaboration with local small business and non-profits, your signature assignments may include logo, web, and software design, shooting commercials and PSAs, as well as developing marketing plans and advertising campaigns using social media and other forms of digital outreach.

Outstanding Student
Jess Hess

Jess Hess has always had a passion for movies, but it wasn’t until she studied film at University of the Pacific that she realized she could make film her life’s work.