Our mission is to graduate students whose abilities in language and literature give them thoughtful and imaginative power to shape and influence ideas and practices in a complex, democratic society.

The department offers concentrations in various genres of literature, language, writing, and film for students wishing to further focus on a particular field in their major. All courses offered aim to prepare you for careers and lives rich in critical thinking and literacy.

We require 11 English courses to complete the major, with a minimum of 40 units in English. These requirements are designed to give you a thorough overview and understanding of the field of English studies with broad coverage of literary periods and theories and a solid foundation in writing and argument.

The requirements are also designed with flexibility in mind, so you can focus your major around your individual interests and explore cross-disciplinary thinking. The English major works well as a double major with many other programs on campus.

Individual course selection will be done in consultation with your faculty adviser. Refer to the General Catalog for all the details of degree requirements.

For a Bachelor of Arts in English, you must take:

(1) ENGL 25 any section of English 25

(2) ENGL 41 British Literature before 1800

(3), (4) Two of the following survey courses:
ENGL 43 British Literature after 1800
ENGL 51 American Literature before 1865
ENGL 53 American Literature after 1865
ENGL 63 Masterpieces of World Literature

(5) One of the following linguistics courses:
ENGL 82 How English Works
ENGL 182 History of the English Language

(6) One of the following critical theory courses:
ENGL 125 Critical Colloquium
ENGL 127 Contemporary Critical Issues

(7) One of the following writing courses:
ENGL 106 Content Engineering
ENGL 109 Writing in the Workplace

You will need four additional electives in English. At least three of these must be upper-division courses; ENGL 31 Aesthetics of Film or a fourth lower-division survey course is acceptable as a fourth elective. A second course from categories 5 to 7 can count as an elective.
(8) ENGL ______
(9) ENGL ______
(10) ENGL ______
(11) ENGL ______

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