Film as Art

The film studies minor deals focuses on film as an art form. You will learn to examine film as a "text" which can be studied through diverse critical and theoretical perspectives.

We analyze film both from its technical aspects and what it says about our culture. It accommodates high art and popular culture, both an international discourse and an individual auteurism.

Success After Pacific
Halima Lucas

Pacific alumna Halima Lucas ’13, won the 2017 HBO Short Film award at the American Black Film Festival for her film “Amelia’s Closet.”  Lucas, a communication major with double minors in ethnic and film studies, began developing her potential as a filmmaker during her time at Pacific. 

Halima Lucas
Gary Armagnac
You'll Be Able To:
  • Identify and apply a variety of critical theoretical approached and film aesthetics in writing on filmic texts
  • Create films using the skills acquired in the production courses
  • Operate a variety of film technology including camera, editing equipment, lighting and audio equipment
  • Assemble groups of students to collaborate on developing and producing scripts and films
  • Select an appropriate film format or genre for your productions
  • Identify the aesthetic and persuasive messages in your productions as well as in classic and contemporary films.

Degrees Offered

Film Studies Minor

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