In the human performance major, you will study the mechanics of human movement and how they impact our health and wellbeing.



What Can You Do with a Human Performance Major?

The human performance program prepares you for careers in the fitness industry, coaching performance technology, wellness education, sports medicine and athletic performance.

The Experience

Courses in human performance provide foundational training in structural anatomy, physiology, nutrition and metabolism with internships and certifications in health coaching and personal training for job readiness

In addition to completing the Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences, students who study human performance must successfully complete a series of courses within the department and courses drawn from the life and physical sciences.

Please see the General Catalog for coursework.

Human Performance
Program Features

• Sophisticated movement analyses:

  • Proteus Biomotion/SpartaTrac/EMG/Orthotron

• Research and experiential opportunities

• Fundamental training in structural anatomy/physiology/metabolism

• Certifications for job-readiness

• Preparation for graduate admission to competitive programs

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