This major appeals to students with a broad range of interests and those interested in pursuing a social science teaching credential. The major requires a minimum of 45 semester units, distributed as follows:

  • History: eight courses that include one introductory course, one course in California history, two courses in world history, two courses in U.S. history, one course in the history of a non-U.S. country or region, and one course with a geography component.
  • Political Science: two courses that include one course in U.S. national government and one course that deals with either
    • a) comparative politics and government
    • b) politics and government of a foreign country
    • c) international relations
  • Sociology: two courses which include one course that deals with the basic concepts of Sociology and one course that deals with either
    • a) structural analysis
    • b) social psychological analysis or
    • c) cultural anthropology
  • Economics: one introductory course
  • Quantitative methods: one course, selected with the approval of the social science adviser.


Please see the College of the Pacific social sciences adviser for a list of specific course recommendations for all courses required for the major.

You must complete a minimum of 120 units with a Pacific cumulative and major/program grade point average of 2.0 in order to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in social sciences.

Major Requirements

  • ECON 051 Economic Principles and Problems or ECON 053 & 055
  • HIST 001 Chair's Seminar
  • HIST 020 United States History I
  • HIST 021 United States History II
  • HIST 050 World History I
  • HIST 051 World History II
  • HIST 130 History of California
  • POLS 041 U.S. Government and Politics

Select one of the following non-U.S., upper-level history courses:

  • HIST 063 History of Science and Technology
  • HIST 100 Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIST 113 Europe Since 1945
  • HIST 142 Modern Chinese History
  • HIST 151 People's History of Mexico

Select one of the following basic sociology courses:

  • SOCI 021 Culture and Society
  • SOCI 031 Deviant Behavior
  • SOCI 051 Introduction to Sociology

Select one of the following analysis courses:

  • ANTH 053 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOCI 079 Self and Society
  • SOCI 108 Food, Culture and Society
  • SOCI 111 Environment and Society
  • SOCI 123 Sex and Gender
  • SOCI 125 Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SOCI 141 Prejudice and Racism

Select one of the following:

  • POLS 051 Introduction to International Relations
  • POLS 160 Theories of International Politics
  • POLS 162 International Organization
  • POLS 164 International Political Economy
  • POLS 166 International Conflict and Conflict Management
  • POLS 168 Comparative Foreign Policy
  • POLS 170 U.S. Foreign Policy
  • POLS 172 Inter-American Relations

Recommended for CSET (Optional)

  • EDUC 140 Transformational Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC 141 Transformational Teaching and Learning Practicum


Recommended Progression of Study
First-year students begin with the chair's seminar and two foundation courses in sequence and proceed to take one course from each of the listed regional and temporal categories. You must take HIST 70, Historical Imagination, during their sophomore year or as soon as possible after transferring into the program and take HIST 160, Pacific History Seminar, the capstone class, as seniors. You may take independent study courses or special topics courses at any time.

Teaching Credential Track
Teaching credential candidates wishing to teach history at the secondary level may complete a History major or a Social Science major. You will concurrently complete the Single Subject Credential Program in Benerd College. For credential requirements, please consult with the School of Education credential program.


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