First-year students begin with the chair's seminar and two foundation courses in sequence and proceed to take one course from each of the listed regional and temporal categories. Students must take HIST 70, Historical Imagination, during their sophomore year or as soon as possible after transferring into the program and take HIST 160, Pacific History Seminar, the capstone class, as seniors. Students may take independent study courses or special topics courses at any time.

Fall 1 (17 units)

HIST 001: Chair’s Seminar (1 unit)
PACS 001
HIST 050: World History I 
SPAN 11A: First Year Spanish
MATH 037: Introduction to Statistics and Probability

Fall 2 (17 units)
HIST 070: Historical Imagination
HIST 151: People’s History of Mexico
HIST 102: The Spanish Empire
PSYC 029: Developmental Psychology 
An activity or seminar class (1 unit)

Fall 3 (18 units)
HIST 160: The Capstone
HIST 120: Native American History
GE 1B such as ENGL 053: American Literature after 1865

Spring 1 (17 units)
HIST 051: World History II if you took World I
PACS 002
HIST 063: History of Science and Technology
SPAN 11B: First Year Spanish
An activity or seminar class (1 unit)

Spring 2 (17 units)
HIST 143: Japan in War and Peace
HIST 060: History of Medicine
HIST 112: History of the Holocaust
POLS 051: Introduction to International Relations
An activity or seminar class (1 unit)

Spring 3 (18 units)
PACS 003 (3 units)
HIST 133: Women in United States History
Student should choose a combination of courses to equal 8 units. These should be outside the major to reach the breadth requirement.

Summer – Student is encouraged to take UOP Summer classes or to transfer units from another institution. Once a student has 70 units, the student can no longer transfer units from outside the University. Transferred courses will count for the requirement after 70 units, but will not add to the total units.  If a student plans to take courses at another college, the summer between their first and second year is the best time to do so.

  • GE 2C such as ARTS 005: Drawing (3 units)
  • GE 3A such as BIOL 051: Principles of Biology (5 units with lab)
  • Student should choose a combination of courses to equal 8 units.

16 units (at least 8 units should be outside the major to meet the breadth requirement)