This major allows students to develop their language skills in Chinese or Japanese while simultaneously gaining significant knowledge about the Asian context. Students share a strong interdisciplinary curriculum and choose to concentrate their language study in Chinese or Japanese. The non-language curriculum will be taught in English and includes film, literature, history, politics and religion. The major requires one semester of study abroad in China/Taiwan or Japan. The minimum number of units for the major is 34.

Minimum 32 units that includes:

CHIN 023 Intermediate Chinese, Third Semester  
CHIN 025 Intermediate Chinese, Fourth Semester              
CHIN 125 Advanced Chinese I        
CHIN 126 Advanced Chinese II      
SABD 000 Overseas Study (Study Abroad in China or Taiwan)        

Select four of the following:       

  • ARTH 120 Chinese Art History        
  • ASIA 120 Asian Cinemas  
  • ASIA 124 Society, Gender and Culture in East Asia              
  • ASIA 130 East Asian Literature      
  • HIST 030 East Asian Civilization I  
  • HIST 031 East Asian Civilization II 
  • HIST 141 Pre-Modern China to 1840          
  • HIST 142 Modern Chinese History              
  • RELI 135 Asian Religious Traditions            
  • RELI 152 Confucian Traditions      
  • RELI 154 Buddhist Traditions        
  • POLS 152 Politics of Asia      


  1. Language requirement begins with the intermediate level; at least one semester (or a summer with a minimum of 8 weeks) of language requirement must be completed in China or Taiwan.
  2. No more than two equivalent courses (as determined by the advisor) may be completed while studying in China/Taiwan.

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