Students must complete a minimum of 24 units and 6 courses with a Pacific minor grade point average of 2.0 in order to earn a minor in Japanese.

Minor Requirements:

  • JAPN 011A First-Year Japanese, First Semester
  • JAPN 011B First-Year Japanese, Second Semester
  • JAPN 023 Intermediate Japanese, Third Semester
  • JAPN 025 Intermediate Japanese, Fourth Semester

Select two of the following:

  • ARTH 122 Japanese Art History
  • ASIA 120 Asian Cinemas
  • ASIA 124 Society, Gender and Culture in East Asia
  • ASIA 130 East Asian Literature
  • HIST 030 East Asian Civilization I
  • HIST 031 East Asian Civilization II
  • HIST 143 Japan in War and Peace
  • JAPN 125 Advanced Japanese I
  • JAPN 170 Japanese Literature in Translation
  • POLS 152 Politics of Asia
  • RELI 135 Asian Religious Traditions
  • RELI 152 Confucian Traditions
  • RELI 154 Buddhist Traditions


  1. At least 3 of the minor courses must be taken in the Department of Modern Languages and other departments approved by MLL.
  2. Approved semester program in Japan Recommended.
  3. Students can waive 8 minor units if they have already satisfied first and second semester language.


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