The mission of the Latin American Studies Program at Pacific is to create an academic environment that engages faculty and students in the interdisciplinary study of Latin America and Latinx culture, via invited lectures, films, workshops, round tables, and other cultural events as well as the minor in Latin American Studies. The interdisciplinary minor is intended to provide students with cultural competencies that will develop their knowledge of the region and provide a competitive advantage in any profession.

Program Highlights

  • Minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies
  • Lectures by international personalities and intellectuals such as: María Hinojosa, Juan Villoro, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Juan Carlos Rulfo, among others
  • Art exhibits
  • Latin American Films
  • Enhanced leadership and career opportunities

The Latin American US Latino Studies Minor requires a minimum of 20 units.

Language requirement: Students must complete at least 3-4 units in an upper-division course in Spanish. Those students who want to focus on another language related to Latin America (Portuguese or Amerindian languages determined in consultation with the program director) can count 3-4 language units in that language toward the minor. Note: These languages are not offered at Pacific but may be taken through Study Abroad or transferred from another university.

Interdisciplinary requirement: No more than 12 units from the same given discipline.
Residency requirement. At least 12 units must be completed at Pacific with a maximum of 8 Study Abroad or transfer units eligible to count toward the minor.

Students must complete a minimum of 20 units and 5-6 courses with a Pacific minor grade point average of 2.0 in order to earn a minor in Latin American U.S. Latino Studies.

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad in Latin America and/or engage in Spanish-language internship opportunities locally or internationally

Core Courses
HIST 41 The Problem with Latin America
HIST 137 His-panic USA
HIST 139 Borderlands
HIST 150 Women in Latin America
HIST 151 History of Mexico
ANTH 54 Antropología cultural
LANG 87 Internship
SPAN 103 Introducción a la literatura hispánica
SPAN 110 Civilización hispanoamericana
SPAN 114 Cine hispano
SPAN 122 Literatura mexicana
SPAN 124 Escritores Hispanos en los Estados Unidos
SPAN 126 Poesía hispánica
SPAN 134 Literatura latinoamericana
SPAN 135 Literatura del "boom" latinoamericano

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