Because the use of computers to recognize patterns is becoming more ubiquitous, coupled with the remarkable interdisciplinary nature and utility of these tools, we feel it is important to provide students, from a wide variety of majors, with a foundational understanding of the methods, applications and pitfalls of this new arena. 

The interdisciplinary minor in data science consists of 5 required courses: 

  • Two math courses - statistics and linear algebra 
  • Two computer programming courses - focused specifically on data analysis 
  • One applications course in the student's respective academic discipline or new departmental courses


Learning Outcomes

Students successfully completing the minor in data science will have demonstrated competencies in:

  • Using basic programming concepts, techniques, and structures in software tools appropriate for data analysis.
  • Collecting, combining, and preparing data for modeling and analysis.
  • Performing exploratory data analysis and visualization. 
  • Applying the competencies above to discipline-specific examples and case studies. 

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