Students interested in a liberal arts education may satisfy a desire for a better understanding of themselves and others through a major in psychology. The Department of Psychology is a large, thriving community where students are exposed to several fascinating areas of study including behavioral, biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental and social psychology. The diversity of course, fieldwork and internship offerings provides students with opportunities to study and have first-hand experience with a wide range of human behaviors and problems.

Our students graduate with valuable research and applied experience, which enriches their education at Pacific and greatly increases their attractiveness as future employees, graduate students or professional school students.

Be Inspired by Our Faculty

Psychology students have the opportunity to meet and work closely with a faculty that actively contributes to the field of psychology by researching, publishing, and presenting in their areas of expertise. But our faculty's most important contribution is teaching and guiding students, who can always count on faculty support in achieving their goals.

A Diversity of Interests

Students may study topics such as parenting; obesity and physical activity; social and emotional development in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers; smoking, alcohol and drug use; sustainability; assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior in children; autism; honesty in children and adolescents; and improving communication skills in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.

Learn Outside the Classroom

Our students—undergraduate and graduate alike—have the opportunity to work on their own research projects and collaborate with faculty. Students frequently present at professional meetings and/or co-author publications.Students gain practical experience through internships/practica in the community and other hands-on experiences.Our Visiting Scholars program exposes students to other experts in the field of behavioral psychology, and establishes a connection with other institutions that can provide advantages for students considering graduate school.The Community Re-Entry Program, administered and staffed in part by our faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, provides our students with valuable professional experience and allows us to empower and aid an underserved population in our community.