Lou Matz

Lou Matz

Room 207
Wendell Phillips Center
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PhD, University of California, San Diego, 1992

MA, University of California, San Diego

BA, University of the Redlands, 1984

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Teaching Interests

I teach a variety of courses to help students understand the relevance of philosophy in their lives and society and to become more philosophical by using critical thinking skills, being responsive to logical thinking and evidence, and being willing to live with unresolved questions that motivate them to learn more.  I regularly teach the Philosophy of Sport; Moral Problems; God, Faith & Reason; Ancient Greek & Roman Philosophy; and Introduction to Philosophy. I use a variety of active learning methods—class discussion, small group work, polls, class presentations—so that students are doing philosophy, not just learning about philosophy. Student read significant philosophical writings and watch films and write about the material to develop their critical thinking, writing and reading skills. In all of my courses, students explain what topics and perspectives have been most impactful on their beliefs and thinking and how. Ultimately, I want my courses to have an impact on students’ beliefs and lives and to promote a spirit of inquiry and life-long learning.

Research Focus

My current research is principally in the area of the philosophy of sport. I have published articles in The Journal of the Philosophy of Sport on reconceiving intercollegiate sport as an academic major and liberal art like dance and music, the ethics of intentional fouling in basketball, and on the role of religion in coaching. I have also published extensively on John Stuart Mill’s philosophy of religion, including the first annotated edition of his Three Essays on Religion (Broadview Press, 2009). For two years, I was a community columnist for the Stockton Record and wrote on ethical, religious and political topics.